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Nia’s Place services are available to families affected by domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and stalking.

Supervised Visitation

Sometimes, when families have a history of domestic violence, or child abuse is suspected, a judge will decide that a third person should be present for any visits between the non-custodial parent and child. Many families choose to schedule these visits with nonprofit agencies like Nia’s Place.


​Supervised/Monitored Exchange

During a supervised exchange, the child is dropped off by one parent and picked up by the other for off-site visit time. Staggered pick-up and drop-off times are arranged so that the parents do not come into contact with one another. The actual exchange is monitored by a staff person who works to ease the process for the child.

What to Expect

At Nia’s Place Supervised Visitation and Exchange Center, visiting parents can share visit time with their child(ren) that is peaceful and enjoyable. Visits are scheduled for one hour, and visit rooms are stocked with toys, games, and interactive activities for parents and children to share. Visit monitors will only interrupt the visit when necessary for the child or co-parent’s safety.


Custodial or at-risk parents arrive at a separate location with their child(ren), who are then escorted to Nia's Place by a staff member.  During supervised exchanges, the noncustodial parent is then released with the child(ren) for off-site visit time. During supervised visits, the child(ren) is escorted into a visit room to enjoy time with the visiting parent.  At the conclusion of the visit or during the second half of an exchange, the child(ren) are then escorted by a staff member back to their custodial parent.  At no time do parents come into contact with one another.

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