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Additional Resources

Men Stopping Violence

Men Stopping Violence is a national training institute that provides organizations, communities, and individuals with the knowledge and tools required to mobilize men to prevent violence against women and girls.



Tapestri is dedicated to ending violence and oppression in refugee and immigrant communities, using culturally competent and appropriate methods.


Caminar Latino

The mission of Caminar Latino is to create possibilities for Latino families affected by violence to transform their lives and their communities.


DeKalb County Magistrate Court
DeKalb County Superior Court
Fulton County Magistrate Court
Fulton County Superior Court
DeKalb County Solicitor General’s Office
DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office
Fulton County Solicitor General's Office
Fulton County District Attorney's Office
DeKalb Volunteer Lawyer’s Foundation
Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation
Atlanta Legal Aid Society
Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
National Domestic Violence Hotline
National Network to End Domestic Violence


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